Thursday, October 12, 2006

Do you wish for a humane world?

Having an Integrated View is the need of our times!

Imagine 5 children trying to arrange 100 pieces of a 'jig saw' puzzle to arrive at the completed picture. It will be very difficult for them, however intelligent they are, if they do not have a direct vision (or knowledge) of the final picture given by the manufacturer; there will be endless arguments on the pros and cons of the various possible arrangements. On the other hand, if the children have a direct knowledge of the final picture depicted on the completed puzzle, the solution becomes easy. Knowledge of the end point allows them to proceed towards it easily; the integrated view helps them to solve the puzzle which would otherwise be very difficult.Broadly speaking, problem-solving in life is similar in nature. If peace and harmony are the desirable endpoints then, one should be able to feel harmony (having direct knowledge of harmony) to achieve it. Further, the wise man knows that finally there is only 'one harmonious state of bliss', at both individual and collective levels; whatever appears contrary to this is only a passing phase and has to eventually proceed towards 'the one harmonious state' through a process of evolution. Hence wise men the world over, ever stood by the values of Truth, Love and Peace which form the basic ingredients of 'the one harmonious state'. These values lead to the solution of complicated problems at the individual and collective levels, however overwhelming they may be and facilitate the attainment of harmony.

A direct knowledge (or a feeling) of harmony should be kept in perspective, whatever is said or done, to be of help in planning development, solving problems and establishing harmony in the society. On the contrary, forgetting harmony, if each thinker tries to impose his own school of thought, each party its own ideology and each sect its own philosophy, then matters are bound to get complicated. Peace and Harmony will elude the society.

We have to break free from the shackles arising out of the preferences of the human mind and reach out for the ultimate reality of the 'one harmonious state of bliss' of the spirit, which is within each one of us. The mind then becomes an instrument to achieve and preserve harmony. Individuals reach and retain this harmonious state of bliss, by adherence to Truth, Love and Peace. At the collective level, the party-based political system prevents this from happening because of its inherent divisive nature, which inevitably, promotes a disintegrated view.

A Partyless Governance where all the peoples' representatives are elected as independents, enables an integrated view; it respects the sanctity of each individual, of the individual's potential to peace and harmony and will facilitate the evolution of a humane society.


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